April Fools Day

I love April Fools Day. Fifteen years ago my wife and I eloped on April Fools Day. No one we told believed us.

So in case you didn’t guess, yesterday’s posts were all fictitious.

OpenNMS Enterprise is the only version we have, and it is available for free. Thanks to Ben for the new logo, and Jeff for the price calculator.

OpenNMS has had slightly less than one vigintillion downloads. While we might not be alone, there is no hard evidence for extraterrestrial life. Thanks to Ben for the “beam me up” pic. I’m keeping the hat.

We do have a large number of really cool users, both large and small, names you’ve heard of and names you haven’t. Bubba and Zeke of Bubba’s Insurance are examples I use in my training course.

Sun has not offered to buy OpenNMS, although I wouldn’t dismiss any offer from them lightly. I’m still not sure if their idea of how to run an open source project matches up with mine, but I think of all the traditional players there closest to it.

Our friends at Hyperic even joined in the fun. Next year we’ll need to coordinate a little better, so save the date.