A New Coat o' Paint

There’s an old Tom Waits song that goes “Let’s put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old town” that I hear in my head every time I, well, paint. Been humming it recently.

We’re getting the new OpenNMS training center in shape for next week’s class. It should be fun. We’re installing Linux onto the iMacs, got a nice new projector (1280×768 – not 1080p but a good value for the price) and we’ll put together the IKEA tables and hang the whiteboard this weekend. We got a guy coming in from Trinidad and another from the UK (plus others from the US) so it should be a good class.

For those of you really into interior design, the main walls are done in “Toast” with the accent wall in “Timeless Taupe”. They are both in the family of “tan”. (grin)