New York City

New York City

I’m in NYC for a short trip to visit with some clients as well as some other “top secret” OpenNMS business (grin). OpenNMS has a large number of clients in New York and Chicago due to the financial industry and their need to have as close to 100% uptime of their networks as is possible.

NYC skyline

Having been raised in North Carolina and currently living on a horse farm where I can’t see another house from mine, New York is about as different a place as I can visit. When I first started coming here, I stayed in Midtown and absolutely hated it.

However, two old friends of mine from NC have moved up here and they won’t move back, so I started to get to see the City through their eyes. One lives in the East Village and works in tech, and the other works at the New Yorker and lives in Brooklyn (where I am writing this now). Once you get out of Midtown you start to see what a really wonderful place New York can be, and I always look forward to coming here.

I’m heading back today, but will return in a week or so. I’m hoping we can get a group of OpenNMS users together one of the nights I’m here, but I didn’t get any takers when I posted the invite on the discuss list. Oh well, at least I can always go see the big tree.

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  1. Hi

    I’ve Some Problems Using OpenNMS New WindowsEdition (1.3.9)
    would you please help me :

    1. I heared the first Windows Compatible VerSion Of OpenNMS was : Ver.1.3.8 ! But as much az I search , I Found Less ! it’s invisible?

    2. Do You Have Any Idea , using mib2OpenNMS in Windows ? I’m using WindowsXP and all Documents are about using Linux.

    Tanks alot.

  2. Uh, what does this have to do with NYC? (grin)

    This blog is probably the worse place you could post an OpenNMS support question, but I figure that since I rarely get any comments at all, I’ll take what I can get.

    If you are having problems installing on Windows, your best bet is to read the instructions on installing on Windows from the website:

    It tells you to look for the opennms-installer-X.X.X.jar on Sourceforge. The latest version (as I write this) is 1.3.9.

    As for mib2opennms, it is contributed code so it is not officially supported. It is also written in C, so it would take some work to port to Windows. For now you’d have to use it on a *nix operating system.

    Finally, you might consider posting questions like this to the proper place: the OpenNMS mailing lists. I would suggest “opennms-install”:

  3. O So Sorry!

    I Could Have Find No other places , So sorry For disturbing!

    TanX For Your Help.


    I’ll Read Your logs here , So nice to me.

    enjoy Your New York City


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