Off to Yurrip

Well, I’m about 2 hours into an 8 hour layover at Gatwick, on my way to Geneva. I’m chillin’ in the BA lounge and trying to get caught up on work. I haven’t slept in about a day and there is still a long way to go before I’m in bed a friend’s house in the French Alps. Luckily he just came back from the States yesterday and should be suffering from jet lag too. He has three kids, but I think I can sleep through anything at this point.

To go on this trip I had to miss the last day and a half of training. It’s a lot of fun to run training out of the office. The students don’t get pulled away as much as they do when I train on-site, the class size is small so we get to talk a lot about real-world problems, and since we’re holding it at the office we can easily share the training load if, say, I have to get on a plane.

David Explains Distributed Monitoring

I taught the first three-day Basic course this week, and David is running the two day Advanced course. I kind of wish I could have sat in on it, because OpenNMS has grown so much lately that there are a number of things I could stand to learn about the application. Instead, I got to sit on a plane for 7 hours. Envy me.