JRobin Alignment Fix In

We’ve gone ahead in the 1.3 branch and made JRobin the default storage model (versus RRDTool, but RRDTool is still available). Since the snmp-graph.properties file is in an RRDTool format, we have to translate all of the commands into objects that JRobin can understand.

When Sasha re-wrote the way graphs were produced in the 1.5 branch of JRobin, this changed the newline (\n) functionality so that JRobin-based reports didn’t line up nicely.

I tried to fix it a couple of months ago and failed.

Craig Miskell (OGP), however, figured out that “\\l” would perform the same function, so I committed a small patch to trunk today that should make the JRobin reports look a lot nicer. No changes to the graph data are necessary.

Will Fraley has suggested some more changes to JRobin, but since that was to the JRobin library itself we’ll have to adopt them a little bit later.

Note that the 1.2 branch uses JRobin 1.4 and is not affected.

Also note, if you want a workaround for 1.3.2 simply replace “\n” with “\\l” (four slashes and an “ell”) in your snmp-graph.properties file.