Dev-Jam Final Thoughts

Okay, so I was going to be a good boy and blog religiously about Dev-Jam, and I made it to Day 2. Not so good. Well, it was good in the fact that we had so much going on that blogging was the last thing on my mind, but I had still hoped to capture some of the energy in words.

We had two gents from the UK and Antonio came in from Naples, and being the type of person Antonio is he wanted to cook for us. This was kind of hard in the college dorm kitchen, but we made do. With prosciutto and melon on paper plates, and red wine in paper cups, we awaited the finish to the ragu and its 4+ hour cooking time. It was delicious.

Once we got over the hump of learning Spring, work progressed pretty rapidly. We are aiming to have a 1.3.2 release for 1 September. It should include work like Antonio’s maps, but unless you have a Windows box don’t get your hopes up for it just yet. In order to use SVG and do a POST, you have to use the SVG 1.2 spec. Unfortunately, the only viewer is a beta viewer (dated from 2003) from Adobe that is Windows only. I’m not a fan of maps, but I have to say that work is pretty impressive.

Lots of other goodies, including a new look to the webUI, snooze on outages, graph improvements, etc. Be on the lookout for it.