64-bit OpenNMS

I haven’t been doing much that’s “blog worthy” today, but since I am trying to keep this thing updated a little more frequently, I thought I’d at least post some thoughts.

We’re getting close to 400 registrations on the new Wiki. This is pretty cool. We had close to 4000 on the last one, but I think there were some duplicates as the “remind me of my password” feature was broken, and due to a configuration error, you needed to be a registered member to access some of the content (please tell me if you can’t get to something on the blog as an anonymous user – all content should be available read-only without registration). We have also had over 60,000 page views in the last two weeks.

Speaking of page views, I noticed that the fourth highest hit on Google for OpenNMS was a three-year old article by Shane O’Donnell. It’s pretty inaccurate these days (it includes the old lynx installer) so I spent most of the day re-writing it. It’s been submitted, so I hope it gets accepted. If not, I’ll post it here anyway.

David’s in Geneva at a client site this week. They are trying to monitor 80,000 nodes from one instance of OpenNMS. Let me summarize his trip in one phrase: OpenNMS on 64-bit rocks. This isn’t even Opterons – it’s Xeons with EM64T. Even with 200,000 events in the database, clicking on “View Events” is instantaneous.

I’m working on trying to get someone to provide a free/inexpensive deal on an Opteron system for LinuxWorld Expo so we can really show off 1.3. Wish me luck.