OpenNMS 1.1.2 for Debian unstable

Ok, I know they are way late in coming, but Debian unstable packages for OpenNMS 1.1.2 are now available for your apt-get upgrade/install ‘ing pleasure.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here, but in a nutshell you just need to:

  • Meet the java dependency by installing one of j2sdk1.4 or java-virtual-machine or java2-runtime
  • Add the OpenNMS repository to sources.list, (deb debian/opennms unstable)
  • apt-get update ; apt-get install opennms

Due to much “brokenness” between OpenNMS and Sid at the time of the 1.1.2 release, I opted to hold off on building any 1.1.2 packages for Debian unstable and concentrate my efforts on the Woody packages. Afterwards, and with the impending release of 1.1.3, skipping 1.1.2 and waiting for the new release sounded like a Good Idea(tm), I have since learned that it is not wise to count unhatched chickens.

My apologies to the Debian user-base, and I promise from here-on-out that I will try to be more timely. 😉

2 thoughts on “OpenNMS 1.1.2 for Debian unstable

  1. Yes, I am aware of that RFP, (Request For Package), with Debian for OpenNMS, to be honest, I have been *this* close on more than one occasion to retitleing it ITP, (Intent to Package).

    For what it is worth, it is not likely that OpenNMS will ever be able to go into the archive and be an official part of Debian. The dependency on Sun’s JDK relegates it to “contrib” at best, (and even then, doing so will mean broken/unmet depends). The only way that it could ever get into “main” is if it were to run under one of the Free JVMs, (Kaffe, SableVM, etc), and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Worth mentioning on this subject as well is that the very future of Debian “contrib” is a little shaky at the moment anyway, (see for more on that).

    So, in the mean time I will continue to maintain the Debian packages for the OpenNMS project, with the on-going goal to keep them current, and to get them as close to Debian policy, standards, and best practices as possible, (regardless of whether or not they are ever distributed on Debian servers).

    After 1.1.3, the last of the necessary upstream changes can be made and I should be able to get the packages compliant with Debian policy. If contrib still looks viable by then, I will most likely file that ITP, (if no one else has done so in the meantime ;).

    — Eric

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