Where, oh where, is 1.1.3?

Okay, everyone is wondering where 1.1.3 is. Somewhere between here and not here.

More than other releases in the 1.1 development stream, 1.1.3 includes a lot of new/changed code. Included is the ability to delete nodes, discover nodes and manage/unmanage nodes without restarts. Also, management functions are available from the node page (no more searching through long lists). And finally, OpenNMS can handle duplicate IP addresses.

But, these changes touched on a lot of the capsd and poller code, and unfortunately things are broken. More so than I originally thought when testing this.

So, the answer to “when will 1.1.3 be ready” is “when
Bug 804 is closed.”

Keep an eye out (add yourself to the cc: list if you want) and when this is closed, it’s go time.

Oh, and expect new bugs to be added before this is all over.