Strongbad Reads His E-Mail

Okay, I have been a bit slack in updating the weblog. I apologize and hope to get better at it, starting now.

Sometimes working on an open source project can be pretty thankless, but this week I got two e-mails that brightened my day.

The first is from frequent mailing list poster Ian MacDonald. He writes:

I have an opinion that the monitoring and management ‘space’ is about to
enter “Phase 2” where businesses (both Monitoring Firms & corporate
NOCs) begin to invest in the learning/knowledge/consulting rather than
investing in the ridiculous licencing structures of OpenView, Spectrum,
Empire, Tivoli, Big Brother, What’sUp.

OpenNMS is central to this change. The word is out on the street, and
there are now corporate executives with linux backgrounds. I think there
is going to be a strong need for a gang like the Sortova Group’s
consulting arm.

This line of reasoning is one of the main reasons Sortova exists and supports OpenNMS.

Another letter that you don’t see often came from Erich Trowbridge who writes with respect to the Discovery How-To:

Thank you so much for an excellent document. This is some of the best OSS
documentation I have seen.

Thanks again for all your mail. I do reply to almost all the personal mail I receive, it just may take me awhile.

2 thoughts on “Strongbad Reads His E-Mail

  1. I would like to hand a big shout-out and thank-you to Tarus and everyone at Sortova, as well as elsewhere else who are working on OpenNMS, including all of those folks who keep up on the mailing lists answering questions.

    BTW, if you don’t understand the title of this blog entry, check out Strong Bad’s Email.

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