War, What Is It Good For?

Since I consider OpenNMS a global community, I just wanted to post a note expressing my personal hope that the current strife will come to a quick end with minimal loss of life. Unlike many Americans, I have spent time overseas in places like the Middle East and Asia, and I found the people there to be very friendly and kind.

I had other things to say, but I got this in an e-mail from SourceForge today, and it seems to express them better than I could:

Finally, in this time of global political uncertainty, it is good to be
reminded that Open Source software has no boundaries. The work you do
on your Open Source project benefits countless individuals and nations
in every corner of the globe. Regardless of location, faith, or race,
developers are collaborating together to create software that will not
only benefit themselves, but all of humanity. At a time when it’s hard
to see something positive in the news, remember in our own way, the
Open Source community is making a difference.