2014 Dev Jam – Day 5

Thursday turned out to be picture day. We had some people leaving a little early so we decided to get our group picture done in the morning. Recently the school added a new Goldy Gopher statue near our dorm, so it was the logical place for a photo. It also worked out that Goldy would […]

2011 Dev-Jam: Day Four

Today started out with a Marshmallow Challenge exercise organized by Alex Finger. He saw this originally presented as a TED talk. The idea is that you divide into teams, and each team is given 20 pieces of dry spaghetti, a yard of tape, a yard of string and a single jumbo marshmallow. Each team has […]

OpenNMS Looks for Pie in the Sky

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PITTSBORO, NC (April 1, 2010) – The OpenNMS Group is announcing today that they are drastically changing their business model. Instead of producing the world’s first enterprise-grade network management platform that is truly open source, they’ve decided to turn their talents toward producing pizza. The name of the project will be changed […]

Congratulations Saints

Yesterday I, along with a large number of other people, watched the New Orleans Saints win their first Super Bowl. Last year I watched the game in a hotel room in Milan (when my Steelers won their sixth championship – number 43 we miss you) but this year I was able to hold a little […]

To reheat, set the oven at 350F …

At OpenNMS we are thankful that we have clients who believe in us and use our services. As a result, we also try to buy from them when we can. Our shirts come from Lands End (since Sears is a client). I always request a USA Today paper when I travel, since they’ve been using […]

Dev Jam 2006 – Day One

We got started at 9am today, right after most of us enjoyed a rather nice breakfast in the cafeteria next to the dorm. I kicked it off with a welcome and a short history of OpenNMS and of Dev Jam. I was also happy to announce that effective 1 August DJ Gregor, longtime OpenNMS contributor […]

Dev Jam 2006 – Day Zero

Last year’s OpenNMS developer’s conference featured 8 people from two countries. This year we have almost 20 people from three countries, and we had to move from most people sleeping at my house to the campus of the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). We had a few requirements for a Dev Jam location: 1) We […]