Upcoming OpenNMS Events

The most exciting part of the year, at least from the perspective of OpenNMS, is now upon us. In the next two months we have a number of awesome events happening.

Next week is our fourth annual OpenNMS Users Conference Europe. There is
still time to register (until Friday) if you want to join us in Germany for four days of classes and presentations:

We have also announced our next week-long training class to be held at company headquarters in Pittsboro, NC, USA the week of 4-8 June.

Next, our seventh (wow) annual developers conference, Dev-Jam 2012, will be held in Minneapolis, MN, USA the last week in June.

If you develop on OpenNMS, this is a great way to spend a week with most of the major contributors and to sharply hone your skills with respect to the OpenNMS code.

And now for the big news, we are also announcing the first ever OpenNMS Users Conference Americas to be held for three days starting 26 June.

Modeled on the European conference, the first day will consist of a seminar (taught by yours truly) covering the basics of OpenNMS. The last day will consist of a barcamp. This is an “unconference” where the attendees set the agenda. We’ll entertain suggestions for talks, vote on them, and then present the most popular ones. With most of the development team in attendance, pretty much any topic is up for grabs and expect it to be addressed by experts.

The middle day is very special. It is a standard conference day that we would like to use to focus on our community. That means you. We’ll be giving a roadmap presentation first thing, but then we’d love to fill the day with presentations by you on how you use OpenNMS.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to the call for papers: cfp@opennms.org telling us what you’d like to talk about. If it gets accepted, you’ll receive a complementary conference pass. I wish I could cover the air travel as well, but we will cover the conference, room and board for our speakers.

Hope to see you in person soon.