Save the Date: OpenNMS Users Conference Europe 2012

The next OpenNMS Users Conference in Europe will be held 10-11 May, 2012 back in lovely Fulda, Germany.

Building on the last three years of this conference, we’ll be changing the format yet again.

The first day will be a traditional conference. We will have a call for papers and set up several tracks for people to get the most out of their OpenNMS experience.

The second day will be a barcamp, an “un-conference” similar to what we did this year. The attendees will determine what they want to see.

In between will have another social outing involving fine German beer.

For those who are interested, just before the conference we will offer two days of intense training on OpenNMS. On 8 May we will have a repeat of the training I did on the first day this year – covering all of the basics of OpenNMS, and on 9 May we will have an advanced training day, building on that. So if you came to the conference this year, you can choose to show up a day early and build on what you learned, and if you didn’t make it this year you can attended both days if you like.

Hope to see you there.

One thought on “Save the Date: OpenNMS Users Conference Europe 2012

  1. We started organizing the next OUCE right now, because we want to improve the event with much more interesting topics.
    Soon we will start the call for papers.
    Any suggestions in improving the conference are welcome.

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