Epic Support Win: Apple

Yesterday I wrote about my failing Macbook battery. While the Apple rep told me that it would take 4-6 days, a new battery was shipped FedEx Overnight and I got it this morning:

Talk about under-promising and over-delivering, this is great. And my battery stats are much better:

The best part was that in order to return my old battery, all I had to do was tear off the top part of the mailing label, which revealed a return label underneath, and drop my old battery back in the box.


3 thoughts on “Epic Support Win: Apple

  1. Cool with the tear-off! On a recent-ish telephone swap out, I had to install a new sticker over the old one, gosh darn it. But the new sticker (and a perfect-sized piece of tape) were included nicely in the package.

    Speaking of underpromise and overdeliver, OvernightPrints.com got me a package of promotional postcards (anybody need an office condo in Durham?) TWO days sooner than I thought they’d arrive. They shaved off one day on printing and FedEx shaved off the other, it seems. And the cards were on sale. I know it’s desperate times in the printing industry and all, but I still felt like I got a bargain.

  2. Well that’s good news. My wife called HP to have her battery replaced, they planned on it, then a day later, HP billing calls to basically say “pay for battery first, once you return the defective one, we’ll refund you”.

    Normally I wouldn’t care and just give out my CC and not blink. But the fact is she had an overheating issue as well as a battery issue and it was sent off to their repair depot. It was returned about 10 days later with the overheating fixed, not the battery. So when they called for that and I declined, they told me “well you can send the laptop in to the repair depot and they’ll replace the battery”. Once they said that, I blew a gasket and told em no way. Now I’m waiting on some manager callback.

    HP Consumer Support fails in this matter. I deal with HP a lot with the number of servers we support for our customers, we have 4 hour turn around on a good 40% of them, the remainder we usually get the replacement part the morning after, I just can’t stand stupidity like that.

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