London: Day 2 – Going Native

My second day in London started out as many Londoners do with a trip on the tube.

Craig and I were taking a trip downtown to visit with a large telecommunications company, and the trains were quite crowded. I’m not sure I could do this every day. However, I did feel like a native with my new oyster card:

This is a prepaid card with an RFID chip in it that lets you into and out of the underground quite easily, and it can be the most economical way to use the trains.

After our meeting we had to stop by Kinkos to get a new banner printed, as I learned this year that banners would not be provided as in the past, and then we headed down to the Borough Market area to check on possible facilities to host some OpenNMS training in the near future [Let me know if you are interested].

I wanted to do some sight-seeing, but I had way too much work to do so I went back to the hotel and Craig was off to Southampton.