Brand New Fancy Social Web 2.0 Website Portal Thingie

I have been having a good time here in Australia, although I miss home. We brought one of our horses back from training, so I missed out on that, but then I also missed out when we turned our colt into a gelding so I guess it’s all even in the end (well, maybe not for the colt).

I plan to post an update this week on all things Oz, but at the moment I wanted to announce the new OpenNMS Group website.

I mentioned earlier that we are trying to be a little more professional in our marketing. Not so much to puff out our chests and tell people how good we are, but to get across some points about the business side of OpenNMS.

We constantly get asked about our “enterprise” version, as people are always looking for the catch – if OpenNMS is any good it can’t be completely free. We are also asked how we can possibly make money if we don’t sell software. Plus we needed to make it even easier for people to understand what we do, what it costs and how they can get it.

While I had much of the content in mind, I didn’t have a decent design to display it. Then I thought of a pretty decent layout, one which you might find familiar. It wasn’t until I had some free time 10,000 miles away from home that I managed to get it built.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Brand New Fancy Social Web 2.0 Website Portal Thingie

  1. I couldn’t find one but it may be non-obvious. It’s usually useful to have an RSS feed for news/events so people can subscribe with readers and not keep having to visit the site.


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