Ooops – I Did It Again

Okay, 1.1.1 is out, and I have heard little positive and a lot negative about install problems, broken links, etc.

Good, we must be on the right track.

In an attempt to get a release candidate for 1.2, you should see at least one if not two more releases in the next month. We have run into some issues that are requiring the upgrade of some of the packages we depend on, namely:

Tomcat4: We now require 4.1.18 for Tomcat. Unfortunately, Tomcat 4.1 appears via RPM to be a different beast than 4.0, so a simple upgrade doesn’t work. Tomcat 4.1 handles some of our URLs differently than 4.0 did.

Postgres: Folks complained about the ordering on the Manage/Unmanage interfaces page, so an ORDER BY statement was added. Unfortunately, ordering by IP address is only available in 7.2, and we have been supplying 7.1 on the web site for those who want it.

We are moving away from having “onms” versions of standard packages like Postgres and Tomcat, and plan to do most of the configuration in

I am kind of encouraged about the lack of serious problems being reported in OpenNMS. I do want to add Derek’s map code into the next release, and there are a couple of small features that would be nice to see, but most of the effort in the near term will be a great big bug-hunt to remove the little, annoying things in preparation for 1.2.

Also, there have been numerous complaints about the “Delete Node” page. While I haven’t experienced them directly, I do plan on re-working the whole thing. I need to be able to delete interfaces (IP Addresses) since OpenNMS has a long memory once it learns of an IP Address, and moving it can cause the product to behave strangely.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for 1.1.2 in about two weeks.