Earthquake in Chile

One of the major things I love about OpenNMS is its worldwide scope. Last fall we had two students, Javier and Cristian, attend our training course in Pittsboro. They work for Telmex in Chile, and the office is just outside of Santiago.

When I heard about the magnitude 8.8 quake, my first thought was to hope that they were okay. I did get an e-mail from them and they are fine, although Cristian writes “I am hoping the earth stops moving … it is a worrying feeling all day long to feel the floor moving and not knowing when it will come.”

Our best thoughts go out to everyone affected by this earthquake, as well as our hopes for a speedy recovery.

Open Source and Building Networks

Geoff Davis, a friend of mine from high school who now works at Google, wrote a post about how open source software projects can be used to build up a social network.

I sometimes get jealous of college kids today. When I was in school, computer networking was pretty much limited to BBSs and 2400 baud modems (although the college did have Internet access). I wonder what would have happened to me if open source had be prevalent in those days. All the time I spent drinking beer could have been turned into something more productive. (grin)

As Geoff points out, not only does working on open source projects give you something to put on your resumé, it allows you to make the connections to get that job in the first place.

The Linux Link Tech Show

Okay, I’m scared. I was recently invited to participate on The Linux Link Tech Show (check it out on Wednesday, 3 March). I said, sure, but that was before I actually listened to an episode. It’s pretty wide open.

At least I should be able to deal with the format, since each show is over 2+ hours long. I once applied to participate in a 5 minute lightening talk and the guys at the office just laughed, saying that it takes me more than 5 minutes to say my name.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be many limitations on language. I got bleeped on FLOSS for a rather minor vulgarity, so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it clean.

Anyway, if you have a couple of hours to kill next Wednesday, check it out.

OpenNMS in Africa

For over three years now, OpenNMS has been heavily involved in bringing open source development techniques to the world’s largest telecommunications providers through the TeleManagement Forum (TMForum).

Dr. Craig Gallen (OGP) is the leader of the TMForum Interface Program (TIP) and he is making a number of presentations about our work with TIP. The first one is being held at the Management World Africa conference tomorrow (25 February).

For many years carriers have be asking for a greater number of open interfaces so that the various management products they need can more easily interact. Needless to say, getting proprietary software companies to share their work has been difficult, but the hope is that by using open source techniques along with permissive licensing we can both increase the number of open interfaces as well as speed their development.

Craig will also be at the Management World Middle East conference, and both of us will be at the main Management World conference in Nice, France in May. If you are going to be at any of these, please stop by and introduce yourself, and we can explain in more depth what we are trying to accomplish.