London: Day 6 – Twofer!

The last day of the show was a little busier than I thought it would be, but still pretty slow. I met a couple of interesting people, especially one little boy who fell in love with our dart men handouts. Since I didn’t want to have to haul them back on the plane I gave him half a bag. I let Jeff off at noon so he and Mandy could spend some time together in London, and I myself left around 4pm.

One of my favorite days of the year is when the clocks move back an hour for Daylight Saving Time. I am always wishing I had more time and the 25 hour day is pretty much a dream come true. It turns out that British Summer Time (the UK version) occurs this weekend but the one in the US is next weekend, so this year I get to do it twice.


London: Day 5 – Sign Fail

The second day of the show was much slower than the first, but it picked up a little toward the end of the day. Alan Pope from the Ubuntu-UK Podcast came over and asked if I wanted to talk about OpenNMS.

Silly man, of course I want to talk about OpenNMS. (grin)

Then he told me I had about ten minutes, which caused the other guys in the booth to laugh, since most think I can’t finish telling people my name in ten minutes.

In any case it went pretty well (I thought). It hasn’t been posted yet but I’ll be sure to mention it when it does.

Nasty Cuisine

That evening Dr. Gallen took us out to the West End and Leicester Square where we had a nice meal at a Chinese place (not the one pictured above). It was much quieter than the last time we came down there.

London: Day 4 – Me Tarus, You Jane

Today was the first day of the Linux Live show. The exhibition hours are pretty long, from 10am to 6pm Thursday and Friday, and 10am to 5pm on Saturday. Working a booth can be a bit tiring, so since this schedule is about an hour longer each day than I’m used to I expected to be exhausted by the end of the day.

Jeff, Me, Jonathan and Dr. Craig

Luckily the crowds were much larger than I thought they would be and we were kept very busy. The exhibition opened at 10am and when I first checked the time it was already 2pm.

I also got to meet Jane Curry. She’s an old-school network management consultant who recently reviewed a number of network management products including OpenNMS.

Me and Jane

Although OpenNMS did not come out on top on her list, we were a close second and as we are addressing most of her issues in the new releases I expect that if she re-evaluates it again in a year the outcome will be different.

Speaking of new releases, OpenNMS 1.5.99 is out. The guys back home have been working like mad to meet our 1.6.0 release deadline of next week, and I have a good feeling about this release candidate being the one that makes the grade. Please test it out and give us feedback.

London: Day 3 – Hoogerhuis is a bot

After my insane schedule during my European tour last May I decided to plan for one pretty much “down” day this trip. I needed to catch up on mail and some other projects, and this was also the day that Jeff and his wife Mandy were showing up (Jeff has to work this week but Mandy gets to run around London).

They were pretty tired from the flight, but after lunch Jeff decided to stay up as long as he could to help adjust to the time change. That was cool with me since I needed to run some errands in town.

The first stop was the convention center in Olympia to check out our booth and hang the new banner. I based it on our large booth, and it turned out pretty well (the image is a rather high resolution since it is something like 300 dpi and ten feet long). The geek ghetto at this show was smaller than I was used to and once again we were off in a corner by the restrooms, but hey, that’s how we roll (grin).

On the way we passed the office for Bristol Cars. These are pretty exclusive, hand built English cars, and I got a picture of Jeff in front of the gullwing “Fighter” model.

After we got everything sorted at the convention center we had enough time to run down to Warrs Harley Davidson. I needed to add a London shirt to my collection.

Finally that evening we decided to have a small UK OpenNMS meet up. Alex Finger, who is based in Geneva, happened to be in SAP training near Heathrow this week, so he met up with me, Jonathan Sartin plus Jeff and Mandy. We wandered around Piccadilly Circus but most of the restaurants were very crowded so we ended up in this trendy bar called Revolution. The food and drinks were nice but man it was loud.

Once again Alex Hoogerhuis was supposed to meet up with us but he cancelled. Before I actually met him this happened about three or four times, so much so that we considered him to really be a bot, since we only ever saw him on the IRC channel as “_snd”. Once we got an actual bot in the channel, we christened it “_sndbot” in his honor. Since I am the only one to have met him Jeff still thinks he doesn’t exist.

Maybe next time.